In case you can't find your query here feel free to reach out to us on [email protected].
What happens if I run out of hours while my Space is running?
Your Space will be paused automatically and all your data will be saved for 2 weeks before it gets deleted.
Can I leave my Space open for however long I want?
There will be no interruptions at any point. However, your Space will be paused automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity. This is to ensure you don’t lose hours.
How long can I leave my Space paused?
All Spaces paused for over 4 days will be deleted automatically. You will be notified 2 days before the deletion in order to avoid any loss of data.
What is Space sharing?
You can invite users to your Space to collaborate on your project. All you have to do is enter their email address. You get an experience similar to google docs etc
Can I remove users from my Space?
Yes, you can remove users from your Space at any point in time.
What is the minimum internet speed you require to launch Space?
Minimum internet speed you require would be 10-15mbps. The platform has adaptive streaming, The resolution changes based on your network speed. Higher speed better resolution and no latency.
Why is my Space resolution low?
The platform has an adaptive streaming feature that checks your internet speed every 30 mins, If your internet speed is above 10 Mbps you should see a higher bit rate and better resolution.
Why is my Space not loading?
Please make sure to have an internet speed above 10mbps for ideal experience, disable your adblockers and browser pop-up settings if enabled. Try reloading the page, if still the issue persists, send us a message through Support form.
My Space build is stuck at 99%. Why?
Some users might face issues while launching a Space on Neverinstall, where it gets stuck during the build process at 99%. The issue is rare and caused due to errors arising from cloud providers.
While we work on a permanent fix for the problem, we recommend that users delete the Space and launch it again to resolve the issue.
If the issue persists, please contact us at [email protected].
Why is my Space build slow?
In some cases, users may find that their Spaces are taking longer than expected to build and launch. At Neverinstall, we always try to deliver the best performance to all our users at all times. However, the Space may build slower for some users occasionally due to heavy user traffic on the platform.
Please note: Users can upgrade to the paid plans for faster build times and unrestricted usage.
Why is scrolling on the Mac not working properly?
Go to System settings -> Search 'inertia scrolling' -> Turn off inertia scrolling. Now the scroll works normally.