How Neverinstall Works

Neverinstall is a cloud-based platform that allows you to run Linux applications in your web browser without any downloads or installations.
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    Pre-optimized, Pre-configured Application Image: These are ready-to-use versions of applications, pre-configured with optimal settings for immediate use.
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    Encoding Audio and Video: The audio and video from the virtual display and audio servers are encoded and converted into a stream that can be sent to the user's machine.
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    Connecting Client's I/O: The client's input/output devices, such as the mouse, keyboard, webcam, and mic, are connected to the remote server as virtual devices. This allows any application or process to access them.
Here's a step-by-step breakdown of how Neverinstall works when a user requests to launch an application:
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    Resource Allocation: The platform first allocates the necessary resources, such as compute and memory, for the application. This is done in the server cluster closest to the user to ensure optimal performance.
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    Running the Application Image: Next, the platform downloads and runs the pre-configured application image on the remote server.
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    Start Encoding Server: The platform then starts the server responsible for encoding the display and audio.
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    Streaming to User's Browser: Finally, the encoded audio-visual stream is sent directly to the user's browser, allowing them to interact with the application in real-time.
Throughout this process, Neverinstall carries out additional optimizations to ensure that the application is ready for use in under 30 seconds. Once the user is connected, the video stream is managed by the platform, with resolution and bit rate adjusted dynamically based on the user's internet bandwidth.
From the user's perspective, the system resources consumed are comparable to watching a live video stream, typically around 30-40% of a single-core CPU and about 200-400 MiB of RAM. This makes Neverinstall a highly efficient solution for running Linux applications directly in your browser.