Service Outage - 24th May 2023

Incident Report

Incident IDDateTimeDurationComponent AffectedStatus



14:07 UTC

12 hours

GraphQL Service


Incident Details:

  1. Incident Description: On 2023-05-24, an unexpected outage occurred in the GraphQL service, which led to a complete shutdown of the Neverinstall website. While the initial analysis pointed towards an issue with the GraphQL service, the root cause could be linked to other factors in the system. Further in-depth analysis will be conducted to identify the precise cause, and the findings will be shared in a subsequent post-mortem report.

  2. Service Impact: The incident caused a full service disruption. All website functions that rely on the GraphQL service were impacted.

  3. Resolution Status: As of 2023-05-25 02:07 UTC, the engineering team has successfully resolved the issue and restored the service. The Neverinstall website is back online, and all functionalities are now operational.

  4. Next Steps: A comprehensive post-incident analysis will be conducted to understand the root cause of this failure, the steps taken to rectify it, and preventive measures to avoid similar incidents in the future. The post-mortem report will be shared with relevant stakeholders upon completion.

  5. Contact: For any further concerns or questions regarding this incident, please contact the incident manager at [email protected]




14:30 UTC

Engineering team initiated investigation of the incident. Initial findings suggested a configuration issue with the GraphQL service.


02:07 UTC

Incident resolved. The GraphQL service and the website functionality have been fully restored.

We deeply appreciate your patience during this downtime and apologize for any inconvenience caused. We are committed to providing transparent and timely communication, and ensuring high levels of service reliability.

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