Finding the required cloud credentials for GCP (Google's Cloud Platform)

For GCP as Your Cloud Service Provider

If you've selected GCP as your cloud service provider, you'll require the following credentials: JSON private key for your GCP service account

To obtain these credentials, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Navigate to Service Accounts page in IAM & Admin section

  • Log in to your GCP Cloud Console.

  • Click on the left menu dropdown in the upper-left corner.

  • Select β€œIAM & Admin” from the dropdown menu.

  • Click on the "Service Accounts" from the sub menu of the dropdown.

  • You should be navigated to your service accounts page.

Step 2: Check permissions for your service account

  • First make sure that your service account has the right permissions to create VMs

  • Click on the service account and check the "Permissions" tab.

  • The service account should have "Editor" role as shown in the below image.

Step 3: Create new key for your service account

  • Go back to the service accounts page and select your service account

  • Click on "Actions" button to see the dropdown menu.

  • Click on "Manage Keys" and you should be navigated to keys page.

  • Click on "Add Key" button to add a new private key

Step 4: Create a JSON private key

  • Select "Create new key" option from the dropdown menu

  • A modal with the recommended option to create a JSON should be displayed

  • Click on "CREATE" button

  • The key should be generated and automatically downloaded to your "Downloads" folder

Step 5: Copy & paste the entire JSON to Neverinstall's GCP Cloudlink

  • Open the JSON file and copy the entire json object including the {} braces.

  • Go to Neverinstall's dashboard and click on GCP

  • Enter the copied JSON in the text box and click on "Connect"

  • Refresh the page after few seconds

  • Your GCP account should now be successfully linked to Neverinstall.

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