Change apperance

Changing the wallpaper

Users can download any custom wallpaper or create one, and change the wallpaper of the desktop within the Space.
First, click on the Desktop button on the top left corner of the screen and select Desktop Settings.
Within the settings windows, the background tab will be open by default. There, users can select the Folder where the custom wallpaper(s) is stored and all supported images will appear in the window.
Next, users can simply select the image they want as a wallpaper and the changes will reflect in real-time.

Changing the colors of the terminal

Users can change the color of their terminal from within the platform after they launch a Space.
To change the colors of the terminal users first need to open the kitty terminal from the screen.
Next, users need to execute the following command within the terminal –
cd ~/.config/kitty/
Once the command is executed, users need to execute a second command –
vim kitty.conf
Once the two commands are executed in the said order, users will be able to see and change the attributes of the terminal. Users can simply move their cursor to the attribute they would like to change, and change the hex code for the color they would like to see in different sections such as foreground, background, cursor, and more.
Once the changes are complete, users need to press enter to return to the home screen of the terminal. To save changes, users need to run this command on the home screen –
When users restart the terminal, the changes will reflect.

Changing top panel properties

Users can change the Panel properties within the platform.
First, click on the Desktop button on the top left side of the screen and select System Settings from the drop-down menu to access the Panel settings.
In the Settings window, select the Panel option to see the different properties that you can change about the Panel.
Change the orientation, the number of rows, the length, and more from here. Users can see the changes reflect in real-time and can close the Settings window when required changes are complete.

Changing icons

Users can change icons within their Space by downloading XFCE icon packs from the internet within the platform. Once a pack is downloaded, users will find it in the Downloads folder, where they need to unarchive it.
Once unarchived, users need to copy the icon pack folders and paste them into the .icons folder. Users can access the .icons folder by opening the Home folder on the desktop and clicking on their name in the sidebar.
Once the folders are pasted in the .icons folder, they can be applied to the Space.
To select an icon pack, users need to click on the Desktop button on the top left of the screen and select System Settings from the drop-down menu. From the Settings window, select the Appearance option to access desktop appearance settings.
In Appearance settings, users need to click on the Icons tab on the top bar and select their downloaded icon pack from the menu below. Icons within the Space will change in real-time as soon as a different icon pack is selected.