Data Migration

  • Migrating codebase: Migrating code can be done in the following ways -
    • GitHub - If the user is logged in to Github, they can directly clone the project from the terminal of IDE’s
    • Other code hosting repositories are fully supported, cloning the project is simple and effective
    • Uploading code and folder to Google Drive or hosting sites and then downloading through the terminal is supported currently.
    • Upcoming features of file upload/download will enable users to directly upload and download files from Neverinstall
  • Migrating dev environment: Docker file migrations can be done if the user has a docker file that can be pulled from the terminal of Neverinstall. The remaining things are the same as the local machine setup
  • Migrating IDEs' configurations: The majority of IDEs have SSO options that automatically sync the configurations once logged in successfully.
    • Almost all IDE support features of exporting configuration files, users can import them directly to other environments IDE
  • Migrating custom OS configurations: OS shortcuts are part of IDES' configurations migration
  • Migrating custom Keyboard configurations: Keyboard shortcuts are part of IDEs' configurations migration
Last modified 1mo ago