Introducing CloudLink

CloudLink offers users the power to connect their personal cloud resources with Neverinstall's functionality, essentially enabling them to host Neverinstall within their own cloud environment.
Here are some key benefits that CloudLink provides to users:
  • Resource Management: Users have full control over their cloud resources, allowing for optimized allocation and usage.
  • Data Localization: Users have direct control over where their data is stored, helping ensure compliance with data privacy regulations and corporate policies.
  • Access Control: Users can set their own policies regarding who can access their stored information and when.
  • GPU Support: CloudLink provides support for GPU acceleration over the cloud, offering enhanced performance for graphics-intensive applications.
  • Always-On Servers: With CloudLink, servers can stay active round-the-clock, ensuring availability whenever needed.
  • Optimized Latency: CloudLink strives to provide the lowest latency possible, leading to better performance and user experience.
  • Customizable Auto-Pause and Max Session Duration: Users can self-configure settings like auto-pause and max session duration to optimize their cloud usage.

Cloud Providers supported by Neverinstall-

  • Vultr
  • Azure
  • Amazon web services
  • Google cloud provider (coming soon)
  • Oracle (coming soon)
  • Digital Ocean (coming soon)
  • Scaleway (coming soon)