🎲Installing New Applications

With Neverinstall, users have the ability to install any new applications they need. Thanks to the sudo access granted to each user, you can install applications directly from the web within the space provided, or from the terminal.

  1. Installing Applications from the Web: You can visit the website of the software you want to install, download the Linux-compatible installation file, and then execute it within your Neverinstall environment.

  2. Installing Applications from the Terminal: If you're comfortable with the command line, you can install applications using the terminal. For instance,you can use the apt package manager to install applications. Here's an example of how you would install a program like GIMP:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install gimp

After running these commands, the GIMP graphics editor will be installed on your virtual Linux environment.

Remember that any changes you make, including installing new applications, will be saved to your session. The next time you log into Neverinstall, you'll be able to access all your installed applications, just like on a regular PC.

Adding a new app from the Dock

While working within a Space, users can add a new app to their instance without the need to pause or create a new Space. To add a new app, navigate to the right corner of the dock and click on the blue button with the plus sign titled β€œAdd new app”. Once clicked the button with open a dialogue box with all the apps and extensions available on the platform.

From the dialogue box, the user can select any apps (along with the desired extensions) to add to the Space. All selected apps and extensions will be displayed in the selection bay. Once selected, the desired apps and extensions can be added to the current Space by clicking on the β€œAdd apps” button below located below the selection bay.

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