🌈Sharing & Collaboration

Neverinstall introduces a powerful feature that allows users to share their Space with others. This collaborative feature facilitates real-time interactions within the same Space, streamed to different devices in different locations. This opens up numerous possibilities, such as collaborative coding, co-browsing the internet, co-watching videos, and more.

9.1. Giving and Taking Back Control While Sharing

During a shared Space session, the host has the ability to give and revoke control of the Space to and from the invited users. Here's how it works:

  1. Granting Control: Once a user has joined your shared Space, their profile icon will appear on the dock next to the collaboration button. Click on their profile icon, which will open a dialogue box with three options – "Cancel", "Give", and "Remove". Click on the "Give" button to grant control of the Space to the invited user.

  2. Revoking Control: After control is given to an invited user, a hand icon will appear next to their profile icon. To take back control of the Space, simply click on the hand icon.

9.2. Removing Users from Collaboration

There are two ways to remove users from a collaborative session:

  1. Removing from the Dock: Click on the collaboration icon on the dock where all collaborators are displayed with their profile icons. To remove a user, click on the red-colored cross button located on top of the profile icon.

  2. Removing through Dialogue Box: Alternatively, you can click on the profile icon of a user from the dock and select the "Remove" option from the dialogue box.

Sharing Spaces enables effective collaboration, but it's important to manage control responsibly. Always ensure you trust the users with whom you share control, and remember to take back control or remove users when the collaboration is complete.

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