Finding the required cloud credentials for Vultr

For Vultr as Your Cloud Service Provider

Step 1: Create a Vultr Account

Firstly, if you haven't already, sign up for an account on the Vultr platform. You can do this by visiting the Vultr website and following the on-screen instructions.

Step 2: Verify Your Payment Method

Before you can fully utilize your Vultr account, you need to verify your payment method. This step is necessary to confirm your account's authenticity.

Check the "I just want to link my credit card" option to verify payment method without incurring any upfront charge.

Step 3: Navigate to Your Profile

Once you've logged into your Vultr account, locate the profile dropdown on the top-right corner of your dashboard.

From the dropdown menu, select the "API" option. This will take you to the API management page.

Step 5: Enable Access Control

In the "Access Control" section of the API page, enable the "Any IPv6" option. This setting allows your API key to be used from any IPv6 address.

Step 6: Copy Your Personal Access Token

You'll see your personal access token displayed on the same API management page. This is your API key. Please copy it and keep it secure.

Step 7: Use the API Key in Neverinstall

Finally, return to Neverinstall and paste the copied API key in the appropriate field while setting up your CloudLink space.

These credentials will be needed to create an instance on Neverinstall through Vultr. Please handle them with caution, as they can provide access to your Vultr resources.

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