We, at Neverinstall, love developers and have spent a lot of time and resources understanding their pain points, one of them is managing resource-intensive applications with rising hardware costs.
Today, we want to give developers the best development experience where they don't have to worry about system and resource requirements. Neverinstall at its core is taking all the resource-intensive IDEs on the cloud and enabling Devs to code on their favorite IDEs uninterrupted.
How about launching an app now and experiencing it yourself?
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How Neverinstall works

There are three components to the platform:
  • Pre-optimized, pre-configured application image,
  • Encoding audio and video from the virtual display and audio servers and converting them into an audio/visual stream to send to the user’s machine, and
  • Connecting the client’s I/O (mouse, keyboard, webcam, mic, etc.) to the remote server as virtual devices that every application and/or process can access.
From the time a user requests to create an application, we:
  • Allocate the required resources (compute, memory, etc.) for the application in the closest cluster to the user,
  • Download and run the pre-configured application image,
  • Start our server that encodes the display and audio, and
  • Stream it directly to the user’s browser.
As these steps take place chronologically, the platform executes further optimizations that ensure the application is ready and available to the user in under 30 seconds. Once the user is connected, the video stream is regulated by the platform and the resolution and bit rate are adjusted dynamically depending on the user’s internet bandwidth.
For the user, the resources consumed on their system are the same as watching a live video stream which typically ranges from about 30-40% of a single-core CPU and about 200-400 MiB of RAM.

Requirements to use Neverinstall

The platform is a web application that can be accessed through any internet browser. Any user with access to an internet browser (on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device) and a stable internet connection can use the platform by simply logging on to our website.

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