How to access the profile page

To access the profile page users need to click on the profile icon on the top right corner of their screen. Once clicked, the profile icon will display a drop-down menu where users need to click the “View account” option to view their profile page.

Contacting support from the profile page

Users can easily get in touch with our support team from the profile page by navigating to the tile with the support icon located in the right corner and clicking on the “Contact Support” button.

Joining our community from the profile page

To join our Discord community users can simply navigate to the bottom right tile with the Discord icon and click on the “Join Server” button. The user will immediately be redirected to the Discord portal where they will see the option to join the server.

Exploring the plan from the profile page

All users see their current plan details in the middle of the profile page. The profile page contains all the details including the date of purchase of a plan, the cost, the resources, and the features available with the current plan.

Upgrading the plan from the profile page

By default, all new users are allocated the Free Plan.
When a user wants to upgrade to a Standard or Premium plan, they need to click on the “Switch Plan” button below their plan details. The user will then be redirected to the plans page where they can select their desired plan, choose their payment method, and subscribe to the plan.

Opt-in for in-app notifications from the profile page

To stay updated about the status of their built Space users can opt to receive in-app notifications from the profile page. Simply navigate to the tile with the bell icon on the left side of the screen and turn on the toggle in the “App Notifications” section.

Deleting the account from the profile page

If a user wants to delete their account, they easily do it from the profile page.
To delete an account, navigate to the bottom left tile on the profile page titled “Delete your account”. Next, click on the “Delete my account” in red text after which a dialogue box will appear on the screen. Enter the email address and tick the box “I understand. Delete my account.” to give your final consent. After this, click on the “Delete account” option in the bottom left corner of the dialogue.
Please note: Once an account is deleted, all user data is erased from our systems and cannot be recovered.