Known Issues

Free plan - Space building for long time

Our free servers are shared among multiple users. As these resources are limited, they're allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. When a user requests a space, they're placed in a queue and must wait until a resource becomes free. The waiting time can vary greatly, depending largely on how long the current users utilize their spaces.
For instance, a user may use their allocated space for the full 1-hour session or only for a few minutes. Once a user finishes their session and the space is freed, the next user in the queue is then allocated the resource.
Because of this queuing system, users may experience wait times during peak usage hours, when many users are requesting resources simultaneously.
To address this and optimize your experience, we recommend trying different server locations when using the free plan.
This can increase your chances of creating a space, as some servers may have fewer users and shorter queues. We're continuously working to enhance our platform, including adding more servers to accommodate our growing user base, and we appreciate your understanding and patience.